Advancement in Diabetic Treatment and Diagnosis

Advancement in Diabetic Treatment and Diagnosis Photo

There are so many advancements in Diabetic Treatment and Diagnosis but when one is dealing with the day to day management of Diabetes, it may seem slow or too slow. There are many tools which help you to maintain Diabetes like what you eat, what your blood sugar levels are, how much you exercise and how much you feel each day, some of these include smartphones, tablets to note your blood sugar or meal and snacks, devices that test your sugar levels every minute, “Smart Pumps” that give you insulin as you need and furthermore mails or message which can remind you to have regular checkups. Indeed, it may be argued that the key advances in type 1 Diabetic care created inside the half-moon of a century have come back from technology instead of biology. At a similar time, not all new technologies succeed (e.g. the Glucowatch). patients and their attention suppliers can before long see a series of additional advanced medical technologies utilised in hospital and new technologies and novel therapies in diabetes treatment whose basis is tied to the notion of rising the lives of these with the disease.

  • New therapeutic mechanisms for Diabetes
  • Computational approach to chemical etiologies of Diabetes
  • Glucose sensors (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Insulin Pens and novel Insulin delivery techniques
  • Bariatric surgery versus conventional therapy
  • New drug treatments and devices for diabetes: current research
  • Biomarker as Diagnostic tool for Diabetes

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